Motivator Plan

  • After working for 40 years, I reached my goal- retirement. I enjoy sailing, reading, watching TV, and playing golf with the guys.
  • Exerly Minute Workout Bursts are delivered to me each morning at 7:30AM, right before I sit down to read the newspaper and eat a hearty breakfast. My Exerly Burst Workout comes in handy on the days I’m caught up in a book or TV show.
  • I have 4 grand kids. My Exerly Personal Motivator helps me maintain flexibility and strength and keep around a healthy weight so I can play with them for years to come. I look forward to my Personal Motivator’s notes of encouragement especially when I’m stuck in a rut.
  • At my age I am hesitant of trying new exercises. When I have a question, my Personal Motivator is there to help make the exercises work best for my body.