Burst Plan

  • I loved playing sports growing up and I still try to get out a few nights a week and play. It’s become more difficult since I’m finishing my masters program and working full-time.
  • I schedule my Exerly Burst Workouts to be delivered to my phone at 6:45AM – after my first cup of coffee and before jumping into the shower. I have another Exerly Minute Burst video delivered at 12:30PM to give me that extra energy.
  • Managing to play sports or a full workout just isn’t possible these days… It helps me to have a scheduled reminder to at least get in a couple Exerly Minute Burst Workouts a day.
  • I benefit from being able to fit in Exerly Burst Workouts here and there, even if I am in slacks and a button up shirt. It’s not the same as playing a pickup game with the guys, but it keeps me ready for when I get the chance to play.