Burst Plan

  • My life is crazy! Every morning I run out the door with three kids, four lunches, four snacks, a diaper bag, two backpacks, and a briefcase by 6AM. After working, I simply do not have time to get in a 30-45 minute workout. I am focused on my family right now.
  • To simply my life, Exerly Burst Alerts are delivered to my phone and tablet at 7:45AM. My second delivery arrives at 4:50PM- after homework time and before dinner. The video Exercise Buddy is very helpful!
  • I always encourage my children to make healthy choices. Even in the midst of my full schedule, Exerly has allowed me to still get a Burst Workout and make my own healthy choices.
  • It’s way easier for me to get a workout in one minute bursts than to change clothes and drive somewhere. I can grab one minute!