Founder/Exercise Physiologist

Right now, thousands of clothing companies are designing brighter, tighter, more comfortable workout clothes and gyms and specialty workout studios are popping up on every corner, much like our local coffee shops.

So it begs the question, why aren’t we becoming healthier with all the awesome workout clothes, gyms, and studios that are open all hours of the day and night?

The answer is simple. We are busy people.

The ability for many of us to find extra time to change into our workout clothes, pack our gym bags and use our annual gym or studio membership is more difficult than ever before.

Here’s where Exerly fits in!

Exerly fits our lifestyle. Fits our everyday clothing style (casual or formal), fits our schedule, fits our fitness ability, fits our motivation, and fits our budget.

You see, Exerly is designed to be the perfect fit for busy people. It’s hyper-convenient.

For many of us, receiving the chance to get our all natural endorphins moving in the midst of our day truly makes us a little happier.

Exerly evolved from a simple, casual conversation. The day was New Years Eve 2013. I had just finished exercising near the ocean and would later decide to take a huge leap of faith – quit my job and fully pursue what is now Exerly.

Exerly is an extension of my education, experience, and love for exercise and passion to participate in other’s lives by helping motivate them to live healthier.

With Exerly, we have a platform to motivate all of us busy people to unite and start a new healthy, happy exercise movement.

Come unite with all us busy people and join the healthy Exerly movement!

Happy times are waiting for us.