Motivator Plan

  • My responsibilities at home combined with my nine-hour work day continue to distance me from my goal of improving my health- fitness and ideal weight. Prior to discovering Exerly, I used to tell myself I’d start my exercise routine ‘soon.’
  • Exerly Burst Workouts empower me to get up and move everyday. Every morning at 6:30AM, I receive my burst reminders to take a minute and take care of my body before diving into my day.
  • My Personal Motivator and I connect 3-4 times each week. When I have a question about the exercise or request a modification, she is there to assist me and motivate me to achieve my goals.
  • With Exerly’s Personal Motivator, scheduled deliveries, and appropriate exercise videos I’m ensured to fit an exercise routine into my day. Exerly is great and I’m always suggesting it to all my friends.